"Without change there is no evolution." And without evolution there are no improvements. We are passionate about questioning and analyzing every step we take! Thinking minds that make CEVICA and our ceramic tiles - their quality, design and functionality - better every day. Of course, without losing sight of our origin and tradition.

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The world of interior design, decoration, architecture and construction is a "living organism" that does not stop changing and evolving. Adapting to the new decorative and quality requirements has been and will always be one of our hallmarks.

"Many people think that having talent is luck, few however think that luck can be a matter of talent" - Jacinto Benavente -

Talent is built, worked and maintained; and with it it is possible to evolve. At CEVICA we invest a lot of time in researching new products, materials, technologies, processes and methodologies. Only in this way can we develop, year after year, new increasingly ambitious ceramic floor and wall tiles.


As a result of the research, we obtained the CO2 ZERO certificate. Certificate granted to those companies that, after determining their C02 emissions to the atmosphere, apply a series of measures to compensate and reduce these emissions as much as possible.

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