The 'subway tiles' are ideal for decorating the most varied spaces with charm and distinction. This type of coating emerged in the twentieth century in the subway stations of large cities, such as Paris or New York. What was originally born as a material resistant to the passage of time and frequent cleaning in public and high traffic spaces has ended up becoming a key piece of the chic and contemporary style, mainly in kitchens and bathrooms.

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Subway tiles

Discover the variety of wall and floor tile combinations for all types of rooms.

Within this decorative style, these tiles stand out for the elegance and richness of color that they are capable of providing due to their variety of colors and designs. Do you want to know more about thesubway tiles? Its placement offers very different results, which makes it a highly versatile material, ideal for creating your own style.

In CEVICA We have a wide range of colors, sizes and finishes, so we guarantee you a unique result. What style do you have in mind?


The subway tileit is perfect to give a modern and contemporary look to any space. In fact, it allows you to shape your own style. How? It's very simple: you can give the tile personal touches related to the finish, the format or the color.

Having clear measurements of the meter-type tile is essential, because depending on the format you choose, you can obtain very different results. For example, the 10x20cm metro tiles are ideal for achieving a simple but elegant finish.

If what you are looking for is a minimalist result, but with a bright touch, you can opt for the 10x20cm white eliane bevelled tile. It is possible to add relief to obtain a handmade finish.

As you can see, there are many design and format options, but… What about color?



What sensations would you like to transmit to your home? Decoration is essential to create a personal atmosphere that suits your tastes, your interests ... At CEVICA you have the possibility of creating different styles with the most varied finishes and colors. You just have to choose yours.

The cladding with gray subway tile is perfect for modern, minimalist, sober styles ... Light gray or white can provide a more luminous finish and, in addition, create combinations with other colors, such as green or blue ... While metro NY or Paris tiles help you to create urban atmospheres.

Remember that the latter fit especially in spaces such as the bathroom or kitchen. Sure you have several options in mind ... What finishes are you imagining for your home? Remember that you can contact us to find the ideal design. We will be happy to advise you.

Bathroom subway tiles

Would you like to decorate your baño with a subway tile?

Subway bathroom tile can provide different results. Either with a monochrome style, or by combining colors.

And, although the bathrooms with white metro tiles are a classic, you can also bet on a more original and colorful finish. For this, we present our range of shades: green, pink, blue ... Get a unique finish!

Remember that bathrooms are very humid spaces. Especially in winter, when it is usual to take somewhat longer and hot showers, which generates a lot of water vapor. To prevent wear and tear on your wall tile, we provide you with moisture resistant subway bathroom tiles.

Take a look at our subway style bathroom tiles and choose the best for your home.

Subway kitchen tiles

And what about the place where we are so happy cooking and enjoying home gastronomy? Well, it is not left out. Thesubway tiles for your kitchen They are the star option, if you want an elegant, simple and cozy style.

Given its versatility, the subway tile in the kitchen can adapt to the decorative environment of your home, giving it a homey touch or, why not, the style of your choice.

From CEVICA we will help you combine different styles to give the touch of joy, elegance or color that your home needs. We will wait for you!