Fill this quarantine with color with Cevica!

One of the activities that most relaxes, entertains and fills your home with color is painting. In this quarantine due to Covid-19, which makes us stay at home much longer than we are used to, we will take advantage of it to do activities that enrich our mind and body.

You can do exercise routines, yoga, Pilates, you can try to make new recipes, read that book that you have abandoned on the shelf, dust off the board games, organize the cabinets and leave your house like the gold jets, and PAINT.

At Cevica we have an App that allows professionals or individuals to design their own tiles. Personalized and unique pieces that fit perfectly with the project you want to carry out.

Today, we propose that you all become interior designers or architects and develop your designs by coloring with us.

Here we leave you some of the decorations of our tiles, which you can download, print and color.

We would love to see the result! Once they are painted, send us a photo to cevica@cevica.es or upload it to Instagram and tag us so we can share it.

Let's fill with color these days at home! #I stay at home